The Trust started with conducting weekly homeopathy and allopathy clinics for the tribal people of Rangabandh village in November 2002. Along with medicines, supplementary food for lactating and pregnant women was also provided. Periodic medical camps were also conducted.     Read More…


The lack of total awareness is a result of lack of education. Without the light of education the darkness of unawareness cannot be done away with. But the problem is how to educate them, be it formal or informal mode of education.       Read More…


The Trust beleives in its slogan “we are with you not to help you but to show you how to help yourself”. NMCT had been for some time spreading awareness regarding judicial use of water.specially the ground and surface water as also the need for crop patter change.       Read More…

About Nayantara Memorial Charitable Trust (NMCT)

Nayantara Memorial Charitable Trust (Regd.) popularly known as NAYANTARA or NMCT is formed by a group of individuals of compassionate minds. They are true to their obligation to give back to the society it’s due share by lending hands to the poor especially, the deprived.
NAYANTARA has come a long way and is proud to have been able to bring permanent smiles to hundreds of its beneficiaries.

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Featured Cause

Change the plight of the Tribals

The core purpose of NMCT is to change the plight of the tribals who do not have control over their own lives, by empowering them with tools and trainings that are necessary for shaping their own destiny.